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Honeywell Barcode Scanner MK7820 Solaris

honeywell-solaris barcode scanner

The Honeywell Solaris MK7820 is the ultimate economy priced high volume omni-directional presentation laser barcode scanner. The Solaris MK7820 barcode scanner is compact enough to fit into POS stations where space is at a minimum, and the Solaris can also get all of its power from a 12V USB port if equipped on the host computer. The Honeywell Solaris is also future proofed with an integrated RF EAS antenna, and the Solaris MK7820 can be configured remotely, which lowers total cost of ownership.

If you have a high volume POS station and are looking for a high end presentation barcode scanner at a budget price point, then consider the Honeywell Solaris MK7820. 

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